Azul Social is a powerful dashboard for managing multiple social networking accounts.  Use Azul Social to schedule in advance, up to 400 posts per month to Twitter and Facebook. 

Schedule posts with Azul Social easily, on multiple accounts. Set recurring status updates.  Azul Social makes it easy to maintain a constant online presence with not 1, but 2 bulk schedulers.  Give it a try for 30 days free.  No credit card required.

Monitor brands, topics, events and people that you're interested in by using our awesome features.  Our search feature is enhanced with our very own "respond to all" and "retweet all" capabilities.

Sign up today - No credit card required.  Get access to all the features for 30 days.  At the end 30 days, select a premium package or continue with free limit access.

Azul Social Prices

Pricing for Azul

All the features of AzulSocial are listed on the features page.

How to Bulk Schedule Tweets using Azul Social.  We have two bulk uploaders.  1 - loads from a spreadsheet and shoots updates at specified dates and times 2 - loads from a text file and sends updates at desired intervals.

How to Direct Message and Sort Followers using Azul Social

This video shows users how to DM followers [AzulSocial.com does this 500 at a time]. It also shows how to sort followers/followings by location. Shows how to find common followers between 2 users. Shows how to check if one user follows another.

Press Release, August 9, 2012